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Some people don’t know how to be a friend or a lover. Their insecurities and narcissism prevent them from ever establishing a meaningful connection with someone. I used to find it strange that the most insecure people could also be the most self-absorbed. Doesn’t that seem contradictory? If you don’t like yourself, why be so focused on…you? But now all of it makes perfect sense. So many people are just soooo in love with their neuroses that they can’t be bothered to look outside of themselves. They often complain about being single and wanting a partner but they don’t think about what that actually entails. They don’t realize that good love requires selflessness. It’s not about you anymore. In fact, falling in love with someone is one of the least selfish things you could do and that’s why so many people are alone. Perhaps that’s why I’ve…

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Ann Blake-Tracy: Spirituality and Sorcery — Pharmakeia’s ANTIDEPRESSANTS can SEVER the SPIRITUAL connection. — “Can no longer feel God” … “Sexual promiscuity” … “Constant ruminating thoughts of killing” (James-3 cursing people!)


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By Ann Blake-Tracy on March 4, 2008

As John received revelation upon revelation sitting exiled upon the Isle of Patmos he issued a very strong warning to us in our day. He told us that our entire world would be deceived (lied to) through the sorceries that would come out of Babylon. (Rev. 18:23-24) He went on to say that the end result of this deception would be the demise of Prophets, Saints and many good men. In other words no one would be spared in this great deception by these sorceries. Remember that we were told that even the very elect would be deceived.

So what is this sorcery of which John warns?

The Greek translation of sorcery is “Pharmakia” which means “medicine from a pharmacy.” WHAT?! Does that mean the drugs we find in those pharmacies on…

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